21 o'clock to use ~ ♪ 90 min Special all-party second party plan with all-you-can-drink plan 2500 yen !!

2500 Yen

Those who did not drink at the first meeting.It will be a recommended plan for such people! Usually you can enjoy the cuisine and all you can drink as much as 3000 yen with 2500 yen ♪


«Cuisine content»

1. Chicken Swatches Carpaccio

2. Tenpyo style okonomiyaki

3. seasonal salad

4. Each dish can choose one dish

· Deep-fried Chinese chicken chicken

· Deep-fried sweet shrimp

· Yakitori platter

· Skewers fried Assorted

· Fly of camembert cheese

· Braised stuffed egg

· Changer

· Squid off the coast of pickled

All-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat ♪ with above 90 minutes