To the exhausted body of summer! Meat Megumi course 2700 yen / with unlimited drinks 4,500 yen

2700 yen

All you can drink is 4500 yen

Course full of meat ♪ 4500 yen with unlimited drinks!


※ It will be a reservation required up to the previous day.

It is a special course using plenty of meat ◎

■ stick fight

■ Cold roast beef

■ Deep-fried (fried chicken almonds · ham roll of Guriel cheese · red rice harvested fried)

■ Yakitori (Miso rose · Tsukune · chicken skin)

■ Mushroom Salad

■ Water dumplings

Calbee with bone scallop grass grill

■ Brown tea (baked onigiri chazuke)

■ dessert

● All eight items

※ We recommend you to contact us for further details.